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New Wild Guide: The Wild Foods Guide To Matcha

Colin Stuckert

bamboo tool for matcha

One thing I love about ingredients is each has a unique story to tell.

Every ingredient has a unique method of growing, cultivating and processing; a unique nutrition profile; a unique flavor; a unique way to cook and eat.

And it's my recent ingredient obsession--matcha--that inspired our newest Wild guide.

Matcha is made from specialty green tea leaves that have been stone-ground into a bright green powder.

Because the powder is made from the entire tea leaf, it has far more nutrition than traditionally brewed green tea--1 cup of matcha contains as much nutrition as 10 cups of regular green tea!

Like wine, matcha comes in many forms and qualities, with the best matcha in the world being far more expensive than what you would ever pay for loose leaf green tea. (Ceremonial grade matcha typically runs around $1 a gram.)

My interest was renewed after successfully launching our newest product: Wild Matcha #2 Culinary Grade. Our 1st and 2nd harvest ceremonial grade Wild Matcha has been a consistent seller, but I wanted to find a matcha that was more suited for recipes. Typically, you don't want to use ceremonial grade matcha for recipes, shakes or lattes because it is expensive and meant for drinking straight.

Our newest Wild Guide is the result of my recent trip down the matcha rabbit hole. We will be constantly updating it, refining and tweaking--especially with more matcha recipes!