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The Wild December Offer

Colin Stuckert

It's been crazy busy around here at Wild Foods. And I don't assume it's going to slow down until Christmas.

That's why I'm going to keep this month's Wild Newsletter short and to the point.

First, here is a recent Wild Guide we finished. The Wild Foods Guide To Whey Protein. I Hope you find it useful in understanding whey protein and the differences between good whey, average whey and bad whey.

Second, here is a link to the USPS Christmas Countdown for getting your last orders in. The deadline for Wild Foods orders that you want delivered before Christmas is December 18th. Any orders placed after the 18th are not guaranteed to be shipped/delivered before Christmas (although we will still try our best). 

If you do decide to share some Real Food Ingredient love this Xmas, make sure you take advantage of our new Wild Offer for December and get those minis for those stalkings!

The Wild Offer For December 2015

We do a special every month for the Wild Foods shop. Since Christmas is around the corner, I wanted to get as many Wild Minis into as many stockings as possible. And that's why this month's Wild Offer is this:

Example: Spend $35 and get 3 random Wild Minis included in your order. 
Example: Spend $155 and get 15 random Wild Minis included in your order. 
Example: Spend $260 and get 26 random Wild Minis included in your order. 
Example: Spend $1560 and get 156 random Wild Minis included in your order. (Yikes... that'd take us awhile)
Example: Spend $5650 and get 565 random Wild Minis included in your order. (Please don't... I think I'd go insane)

Well, you get the point.

At checkout, use the code: MINISFORDAYS to get your bonus minis + 5% off your entire order. (It does not combine with other coupons.)

This is the perfect time to share ingredient love with friends and family. And did I mention that our Wild Minis are the perfect size for stalkings? If you've never seen one, they are often called "cute" and fit neatly in the palm of your hand.

Yours in Health,


-Colin Stuckert
Wild Foods Founder