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Three Main Reasons Why Witch Hazel is Friendly to Your Skin

Mike Rothschild


You have probably seen witch hazel among the ingredients of many cosmetic products, which is only proper because this plant is definitely loaded with skin-friendly properties. Witch hazel is also readily available, both on the market or online. Traditionally, it has been used in many skin-cleansing and maintenance routines. Our ancestors knew how to take care of their skin.

There are many substances in witch hazel that are beneficial to the skin. But in a bigger and more simplified manner, they all contribute to the properties that this plant has to offer. Here are the major properties that make witch hazel your skin’s best friend.



 Perhaps this is the most well-known among witch hazel’s properties. This is due to the high concentrations of tannins it contains. It works by removing excess oil and eliminating pores. Tannins also tighten the skin proteins, which eventually form a protective layer to cover the skin, thus facilitating skin healing. This natural astringent is perfect for use for people who are regularly exposed to pollutants that may contaminate their pores. With regular use, applying witch hazel to the skin could result in fewer blemishes and especially fewer blackheads. It is even used to assist in the treatment of other skin conditions such as eczema, varicose veins, blisters, minor cuts, and bruises.


 An astringent that could also act as a moisturizer! This is what is unique about witch hazel. It does not dry the skin out. Applying witch hazel actually locks in the moisture in the skin. Reducing moisture loss is important in maintaining healthy skin elasticity, which then also contributes to achieving smooth and soft skin. A properly moisturized skin is also the key to eliminating skin conditions such as rashes, stretch marks and skin dryness caused by the weather. Some women have eliminated stretch marks by regularly spraying witch hazel to the affected area.


 Witch hazel has been topically used as an anti-inflammatory, especially for acne and eczema, due to the procyanadins, resin, and flavonoids it contains. One popular use of witch hazel is to soothe puffiness of the eyes. It can be diluted and applied to the area around the eyes before bed. Another use is to prevent varicose veins from developing. It can be added to a cloth or swab, then rubbed into the area where the bruising and veins are forming.

Certainly, witch hazel has a variety of uses, not just in skin care but also to the overall health of the body. The use of this skin-friendly plant has also been increasing, as people begin to lean on natural products which are deemed healthier. Among the many uses of witch hazel, three of the most important properties are offered by its nutritional composition: astringent to assist healing and maintain the pores; moisturizing to avoid skin irritation that might lead to infection; and anti-inflammatory to prevent skin issues from worsening. Witch hazel is indeed a friendly plant, which brings magic to the skin.