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Wild Newsletter Aug 5, 2017

Colin Stuckert

The Wild Newsletter by Wild Foods

Dear Wildling,

I hope you enjoy this weeks' Wild Newsletter.

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Yours in Health,
-Colin Stuckert

-Colin Stuckert
Wild Foods Founder

Wild Product Spotlight

Wild Coffee beans are roasted fresh in Austin and hand-delivered to us twice a week.

We aim to offer some of the freshest coffee you can get online. Check out the full Wild Coffee line.

(Hint: what you get in the store is a month old at least for even local products, and months old for the big brands. Yuck.)

Book of The Week


    This is a fun book. I enjoyed it on Audible.

    Wild Guide of The Week

      I'm super proud of our team's work on the Wild Blog. It's loaded with useful articles, past newsletters (this one), recipes and more. 

      Check out the Wild Blog.

      Podcast of The Week

      This episode is not work/family safe. Profanity and some progression ideas in this episode, but also some real gold relating to the preconceived cultural nonsense that's foisted upon us all.

      Aubrey Marcus #107: My Ego Is So Much Smaller Than Yours, Bro with JP Sears 

      Article of The week

      Some good stuff in this piece. 

      How To Live A Full Life (And Leave Nothing On The Table) By 30

      CEO Corner - Quote of The Week

      "The object of knowing is constantly changing. Feeling, tasting, sensational experiment, etc., are dogmas and not true knowledge as they can be wrong. Objects of perception, therefore, are ruled out of true knowledge."

      -Bruce Lee

      Every day I win the cosmic lottery because I receive another 24 hours on a giant rock called Earth where I partake in this amazing thing called life with my fellow creatures called homo sapiens.

      (BTW, and not surprisingly considering we named ourselves, homo sapiens is Latin for "wise man.") 

      Each one of these lucky days I receive, just like everyone else, I get caught up in the mucky muck of life.

      This is why I like to take a step back and observe life for what it really is: the greatest gift the Universe has ever seen.

      When you take a step back and look at what's actually going on, you gain some powerful perspectives.

      Consider the fact that the odds of a single human being born is something like 300 trillion to one AGAINST happening.

      Or the fact that, at any minute a major catastrophic event could wipe out humanity in the blink of an eye, just like the dinosaurs.

      Or the fact that, if that catastrophic event hadn't wiped out the dinosaurs, humans wouldn't be here today.

      Or the fact that time will eventually erode into nothingness everything you and I have ever known.

      On one hand, this is kinda depressing. 

      But since there's nothing you and I can do about it, we have only one choice.

      This: Make the best of every second by focusing on what we can control.

      This seems obvious and like it should come easy to humans considering the situation we find ourselves in.

      Yet the vast majority of people take for granted the The Universe's Great Gift by mucking around in a chronic state of self-inflicted suffering.

      We all do it. Everyone.

      We all suffer because the human gene has been sculpted through millions of years in the harsh environment found on Earth.

      Things have changed. 

      The modern world has removed the vast majority of trials that would have kept our ancestors busy (and happy).

      This is what humans are designed for: struggle.

      We are not designed for the world we live in now which is defined by convenience and excess.

      And that's why there's a thing known as negativity bias that seems to be the default framework for the human mind.

      We are prone to focus on the negative because our ancestors had to be vigilant and careful for survival purposes. They had to assume the worst was around the bend because that increased chances of survival. 

      The careful hunter gatherer did not stay a hunter gatherer for long, and thus did not pass along his or her genes. 

      On the flip side, individuals that were vigilantly focused on the many things that could go wrong were the ones that survived and passed along their genes.

      And since we have removed the majority of physical threats from our modern, local environments, our environments are defined by a lack of struggle.

      So we subconsciously create obstacles for ourselves.

      Most of us don't realize we are doing this... so instead we blame people, the world, our coworkers, our parents, our spouses, and so on.

      And what we create are excuses for ourselves coupled with external, unsolvable problems .

      And it's the unsolvable part that's the real problem that contributes to the mass of suffering modern humans experience.

      Examples include: 

      • Worrying about the future 
      • Obsessing over the past
      • Trying to change other people
      • Trying to control outcomes of events
      • Living a life for others
      • Living in denial of one or more things in life
      • And so on.

      Most people focus on things they can't control, which is as absurd as it sounds yet no less prevalent.

      But there's a better way.

      You should focus on obstacles you can overcome, then work towards overcoming them.

      This is how you use your natural propensity towards struggle in a way that will make the world—and your life—better.

      And it all starts by retooling your brain to focus on things within your control—and only those things. 

      This translates to one thing: yourself.

      The only thing you can truly control in life is yourself; your actions, your thoughts, your beliefs.

      In fact, I'd say that the only real way to deal with being a modern human is to learn how to control the problems you face in life by finding the right problems while avoiding the wrong problems.

      You want to accept the things outside of your control while giving yourself permission to live on your own terms.

      If you do this, you can evolve out of the traps that your biology has set for you.

      But it's very hard and takes work. Years of work.