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Cocotropic - Chocolate and Superfood Compounds For The Brain

Colin Stuckert

We recently launched our first Wild Foods nootropic drink powder mix called Wild Cocotropic.

It's delicious, effective... and we are happy and proud of it.

You can read a bit more about it here: Wild Cocotropic.

(These will be coming in our brand new bags very soon! In the meantime, you'll receive them in our standard recycled kraft food bags.)

On another note, one of our Wild subscribers asked us this after we sent out our announcement email:

Ihavea17 year olddaughterthat could use a little concentration and mood enhancement while she is studying. Is this stuff safe for people her age and what are the side effects? Iam a little afraidof the ingredients that Ihaveneverheard of before. *shouldberead as - don't want my kid getting high off the stuff*

Great question... and it made me chuckle!

Here is my response:

All the ingredients are 100% real food powders. None of these are stimulants, like caffeine, although there is a small amount of caffeine in the cocoa. 

The other ingredients—reishi, mucuna pruriens (also called velvet bean), turmeric—all provide certain brain-boosting benefits in an all-natural, non-high inducing way.

You can also adjust the amount used and slip a little bit in smoothies/shakes/etc. to get some of the benefits without doing a full serving-sized drink.

Get a bag today and use this delicious superfood mix for the brain in your smoothies, shakes and coffee drinks. It's also great by itself as a hot cocoa style drink with a dash of honey.

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