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Failure And Success Are Moments Apart

Colin Stuckert

“Failure is just a few seconds away from success.” 

―John Flanagan, The Battle for Skandia

If you think about it, failure really is only a few seconds away from success.

It may not seem like it, but before success befalls you, just moments before it was nothing more than failure. Success doesn’t seem like this, mostly because we don’t “see” the light of success being flipped on, but there is always a pivotal point in time where that switch is flipped. And before that time you were just strategically failing.

This is a reminder to keep going, especially when the going gets tough. When the going gets tough, that’s a sign that you are on the right path. After all, anything labeled “success” is only considered such because it is hard, usually really hard, to attain.

If success was as simple as pushing a button, it wouldn’t be called “success.” 

Seek out what’s hard, then remind yourself that at every point you may be just seconds away from success.