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Fresh Coffee Matters... and Most Coffee Isn't Fresh

Colin Stuckert

One of the most important considerations of delicious coffee is the roasting process.

The sooner you can consume your coffee after it has been roasted, the better.

After coffee is roasted, it needs a few days to “rest.”

The next 2 weeks after this resting period are the prime “window” for consuming your fresh beans. (Certain coffees can go longer than this, but it’s a safe general rule.)

organic, fresh roasted coffee beans toxin-free

An unfortunate fact of the coffee industry is the majority of coffee you find in grocery stores has been sitting for weeks, sometimes months.

This coffee is stale, flat and totally lacking in the qualities of fresh roasted coffee.

This is one of the reasons we are obsessed with freshness at Wild Foods.

We have partnered with one of the oldest roasters in Austin and receive at least two shipments a week of fresh beans, most of which are roasted that morning!

When we ship out orders every week, the shipping period acts as the “resting” period, so when fresh Wild Coffee beans arrive on your doorstep, it's the optimal time to produce the best cup of coffee possible!

Say no to mass-produced, stale coffee. Once you go fresh roasted, you never go back. We warned you 😉 .

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