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Introducing Wild Guayusa: The Amazonian Superleaf Tea Unknown To The World Until Recently

Colin Stuckert

Global production of guayusa in 2008 was basically zero pounds. Now it's around a million pounds a year and growing.

There's a reason for this rapid growth. While tea is a staple in many Eastern cultures due to tradition and culture that has ingrained it into people's everyday lives, in the West tea has a different story.

Tea in the West is more popular for its health benefits and stimulating effects (aside from iced tea which is most widely consumed in restaurants and with sugar).

Guayusa is becoming a popular product because it provides health benefit couple with a potent kick of stimulation. 

In a nutshell, guayusa contains nearly as much caffeine as a cup of coffee (66mg per cup compared to 77mg in a 1.5oz espresso) and twice the antioxidants of green tea!

When I was learning about guayusa, I read these two benefits of guayusa and I nearly fell out of my chair. 

After that I made it my mission to bring a guayusa line to Wild Foods. 

Guayusa is a close cousin of Yerba Mate, with similar antioxidant and stimulating effects, but without the bitter, hard to brew flavor that is mate.

It takes up flavors well, especially honey and lemon. The flavor is mild and never bitter.

It has the health benefits of herbal tea, the stimulating effects beyond green tea and completely lacking in bitter or astringent flavors.


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