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How To Cold Brew Coffee

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How To Cold Brew Coffee

Colin Stuckert

We love Cold Brew here at Wild Foods. (Yes, we capitalize it!)

You can brew Cold Brew at home with minimal tools and a bag of Wild Coffee. Sidamo Medium is our favorite to Cold Brew, but they all come out great. (And we love to keep some decaf Cold Brew in fridge for those times when we are slightly over caffeinated.)

Because we are so in love with the low-acid and smooth flavor that Cold Brew produces, we decided to create a home Cold Brew Mason Jar kit (coming soon) that’s so simple to use it’ll make your head spin! Get on our newsletter to get updates when we launch!

How To Cold Brew Wild Coffee


  • Glass container pre-chilled in fridge (We love mason jars for this. Or a French Press if you don’t have filters.)
  • 1 liter of cold filtered water (34oz = )
  • 85g whole coffee beans (2.5 grams per oz of water)
  • Paper Filter or French Press for straining.

1. Grind beans to medium grind size.

2. Add grounds to cold water and stir. Make sure all grounds become wet.

3. Seal container and put in fridge.

4. After a few hours, stir again to make sure all grounds are submerged in water.

5. After 20-24 hours, stir one last time and then strain in a French Press or use a paper filter.

6. From here, options include: Add ice and drink as is or add cream or coconut milk at a 1:1 ratio.

7. Store in airtight container in fridge. For best results, drink within a few days of brewing.