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How To Make Butter Coffee... The Wild Butter Brew Recipe

Colin Stuckert

I start each day with a morning routine. You should too.

While every routine is different, mine consists of walking, reading, gratitude practice, breath meditation and The Wild Butter Brew.

Each of these are integral for starting the day off right, but it's the morning brew of Wild Coffee, Pastured butter, Wild MCT Oil and some Wild Chocolate and Vanilla that I look forward to most.

The healthy fats from the pastured butter, Wild MCT oil, Wild Chocolate Powder, combined with the antioxidant punch of Wild Vanilla and a dash of cinnamon, provide me with the fuel my brain and body need to get crushing. (Plus, it helps me fast. I follow the Leangains IF protocol of an 8-hour feeding window.)

Learn how to make butter coffee inside the Wild Foods Guide To Coffee!

The Wild Butter Brew Recipe