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Introducing Wild Minis!

Colin Stuckert

I started Wild Foods with just one flagship product; Wild Whey

The goal was to build out at least one version of each product I use myself in my health-conscious, obsessed-with-ingredients, life.

I figured that there were people out in the world that probably thought the way I thought, and that valued high quality ingredients done the right way. Wild Foods has since grown to 20+ products following this methodology. 

After receiving countless requests for samples of our Wild Whey, I decided it was best to create some proper "samples" made that would look much better than what I was sending out: a ziplock bag sporting my barely legible sharpied handwriting.

After getting a ton of samples from packaging companies, I finally found some one ounce kraft pouches that I'm told are quite "cute."

So I made some cute labels to go on these cute bags and I started filling them with sample sizes of our Wild Whey flavors to send to customers whenever they asked for a sample.

Finally, I had the idea to do this for our entire product line... and so Wild Minis were born.

Wild Minis are travel size versions of the Wild Product line. They are the perfect way to try out other Wild product without having to commit to a larger size.

They also make great gifts and are perfect for travel!

To celebrate our new Wild Minis line (isn't the name cute?), we are going a special for the month of September...

This Month's Wild Offer (September)

Place any order during the month of September and use the code GIVEMEWILDMINIS to get a credit for 3 of our brand new Wild Minis!

To Redeem this Month's Wild Offer:

  1. Add your any three Wild Minis to your cart
  2. Use the coupon at checkout
  3. Discount is applied!