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Wild Foods specializes in small-batch Real Food ingredients of the highest quality. Our products adhere to the Wild Foods standard of quality.


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Colin Stuckert

Read more books.

Listen to more podcasts.

Tools of the trade: Kindle, Audible account, Amazon Alexa, Phone.

Make it happen. Build the habit.

Imagine how much better you’ll be if you spend even 1 hour a day absorbing useful information... you’ll be 365 hours wiser, more worldly, more educated and more attractive to the opposite sex.

This will showcase itself in a myriad of ways in improvement of mental health, work performance, better relationships, and so on. We now live in the information age.

Those that can best assimilate information and apply it in their lives are going to win the new game of life and business.

Finally, make sure you are conscious of the information you absorb. The news, hateful texts, comments and other garbage should be blocked.

Don’t waste your time with that crap.

Life is way too short and there’s enough good to fill up your life, so why waste it on junk?

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge applied to improve yourself and the world is genius.