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The Benefits of Cocoa Butter

Colin Stuckert

Cocoa butter is an amazing ingredient that has been growing in popularity in recent years with the rise of butter coffee and other various healthy eating trends.

The public perception that fat is not actually "bad for you" has also helped fuel this growth.

Let's look at a few of the many benefits of cocoa butter, the delicious white fat extracted from cacao beans.

One way I personally use cocoa butter is in my morning Wild Butter Brew butter coffee recipe. After brewing up a fresh mug of Wild Coffee, I pour my brew into a blender and combine with a tablespoon of butter, a few of our cocoa butter wafers and a glug or two of Wild MCT oil.

After a few short pulses of my Vitamix (or sometimes a Magic Bullet), I end up with a delicious, frothy and emulsified cup of coffee and healthy and delicious fats.

(As you may know, many people often refer to this recipe as “bulletproof coffee,” which is not entirely accurate. You see, Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Exec, has made this recipe popular and pretty much birthed the whole butter coffee movement. And to him, we are forever grateful. That said, he didn’t invent putting butter (or other fats) in coffee; he just made it popular. So when you say you made “bulletproof coffee,” what you are saying is you used his branded coffee beans to make coffee and not necessarily that you made butter coffee.)

Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil, is pressed from fermented and roasted whole cocoa beans. The pressing process separates cocoa liquor (which is later made into cocoa powder) and cocoa butter.

To learn more about the different ingredients that are produced from the theobroma cacao tree, check out our Wild Foods Guide To Chocolate.

After the cocoa butter is extracted, what you get is a pure shelf-stable fat comprised of 57%-65% saturated fatty acids and 35-43% unsaturated fatty acids. This unique fatty acid profile makes cocoa butter one of the most shelf-stable fats in the world.

Cocoa butter also contains many of the antioxidants that make chocolate famous. The fats and antioxidants of cocoa butter make it an excellent moisturizing product as well. Not only can you eat cocoa butter for all the nutrition benefit of antioxidants and clean fat calories, but you can also rub it all over your body.

Cocoa Butter Frequently Asked Questions

what is cocoa butter good for?

What are the benefits of cocoa butter?

A few of the many benefits of cocoa butter include antioxidants, healthy fatty acids, polyphenol content and delicious chocolatey flavor.

The benefits of cocoa butter for external use include nearly all improvements in skin health, including reducing inflammation, reducing stretch marks, healing dry skin and other skin disorders, as well as reducing and preventing wrinkles.

What is cocoa butter good for… What can cocoa butter be used for?

Cocoa butter is good for blending into smoothies, shakes, butter coffee, and general cooking applications. You can also make homemade chocolate by adding cocoa butter, chocolate powder and a sweetener.

What does cocoa butter taste like?

Cocoa butter has a mild chocolatey flavor that is actually quite pleasant to eat raw. At PaleoFX this year, we had quite a few attendees eat our Wild Cocoa Butter wafers right out of the jar!

What are some cocoa butter recipes?

Here are a few of our favorite cocoa butter recipes:

How do you store cocoa butter?

Keep cocoa butter in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place. You can also refrigerate it just make sure it's airtight or it may pick up other flavors.

Where can I buy cocoa butter? 

You came to the right place! You can buy ultra-premium organic cocoa butter in our Wild shop. We have two versions: cocoa butter cubes and cocoa butter wafers.

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