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A Tool You'll Use In The Kitchen Over and Over and Over

Colin Stuckert

When I first got into coffee, I bought one of those fancy gooseneck kettles because I saw them used in the higher-end coffee shops and in movies and shows about coffee.

gooseneck kettle for brewing

I've always been the obsessive type when it comes to a new hobby and as a result I tend to buy a bunch of gear without much research or thought.

Coffee is the perfect example of this. I spent easily $500 on a bunch of Hario drip stations, scale and kettles. Not to mention a Chemex, a Nel drip, a french press, an Aeropress, and plenty of measuring spoons, espresso and tea cups and whatever else i thought I needed to have to make great coffee and tea.

Now, considering I'm in the business of coffee (and that I routinely play barista at home for myself and guests), I don't regret these purchases that I would have otherwise had I not ended up slingin' coffee beans for a living.

Knowing what I now know about coffee and home brewing, I can safely recommend a few tools for the budding home brewing enthusiast.

And one of these, the central tool in fact, is a stainless steel gooseneck kettle.... like this:

Now, when I first bought my first gooseneck kettle, I used it like most people do—to heat water and pour over my coffee and tea—but I didn't exactly understand why I spent $35 on this not-automatic-like-my-electric-Breville-kettle.

But then one day I tried using my electric-automatic-Breville-kettle to brew some pour over Wild Coffee in my Chemex and I immediately understood why the gooseneck was so imperative and why I'd never go back to my Breville.

The magic of the gooseneck kettle is in the design of the neck that allows you to pour slowly and accurately. My Breville would just spurt hot water in the general vicinity of my intended target; not something you can do with pour over coffee.

The other benefit of the gooseneck is it is light and gives you better control over your pour. They also tend to maintain temperature better than some other cheaper, thinner (especially plastic constructed) kettles.

Honestly, I'm not even doing this tool justice as it's one of those things you have to start using to really grasp the benefits. Plus, it's great for heating up water for any purpose. (There's even at least one restaurant in Austin that makes this delicious soup right in a gooseneck kettle!)

And so that's the backstory/motivation for us launching one of our newest products: The Official Wild Foods Gooseneck Kettle!

The Wild Kettle comes in 2 sizes, a 600ml (2.5 cup) and a 1000ml (4.2 cup). Check it out here.


-Colin Stuckert
Wild Foods Founder