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Wild Foods specializes in small-batch Real Food ingredients of the highest quality. Our products adhere to the Wild Foods standard of quality.


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Why I Started Wild Foods

Colin Stuckert

My personal struggle in finding quality food products is why I started Wild Foods.

At the time, I didn't trust half the products I had access to while the other half had me shopping all over the place, buying a product here from one company, another here, another there, and so on.

Shipping got expensive and I spent more time than I wanted buying and checking-out all over the web.

Then I started wondering if instead of buying protein from one company, MCT from another, and coffee beans from whatever was around the corner, I might be able to solve this problem for myself and what that would look like.

If I could create a company that sourced these products from producers I could trust, I might have a business opportunity selling to people that valued quality the way I did.

And Wild Foods was born.

What got me really excited about starting Wild Foods was the idea that I would be able to set the standard for the products we offered as high as I wanted.

I've always had to "compromise" with the products I buy because my options were limited. But if I could seek out small producers making amazing products, I could expand my options to exactly what I wanted.

When I realized this, I decided that the bar for quality at Wild Foods was going to be as high as possible regardless of any profit/business motive.

There's got to be a way to make it work... I'll just have to figure it out.

I decided that we would take less of a margin and rely on exceptional service and product quality to keep customers coming back for more while relying on repeat purchases to comprise the bulk of our business. 

So while it is standard retail practice to charge double what a product costs--a 100% markup--we didn't use this as a benchmark for sourcing and pricing our products.

Instead we found the best producers we could and then we set our prices based on whatever we were able to make happen with these smaller producers while trying to stay as competitive as possible with what was standard in the marketplace.

This made our prices higher than many of the other brands around, but not as high as traditional retail philosophy might have dictated if we went with the standard 100% markup. 

This product-quality first dedication led us to developing the Wild Foods Guarantee: we only sell products we use ourselves.

Because I take my personal nutrition so seriously, there's no better standard of quality for a product than if I use it in my personal life.

As you can see, we don't take nutrition lightly at Wild Foods. This ties in with another part of our mission at Wild Foods; to be a catalyst for food awareness and change in the way people eat and think about food.

  • We want to bring the message of Real Food nutrition to as many people as possible.
  • We want people to care about what they are eating and how that food was made and where it is from.
  • We want people to see that "healthy eating" doesn't mean a boring plate of chicken, broccoli and rice.
  • We want to share the power of Real Food nutrition with the world in the hopes that others will spread the good word and be a positive change in the way food is made and consumed.

At Wild Foods, we aim to fulfill this mission by providing products that taste good, are convenient and fit into a busied and healthy lifestyle and, most important of all, are made with Real Food ingredients the way nature intended!

So... What is Real Food?

This is hard to define. To us, this is Real Food: 

Real Food is food that includes only nature and that is made in a way that does not destroy the integrity of that nature. There can be nothing artificial, fake, processed, refined or machined. Real Food should go bad; it shouldn't be shelf stable because it is a living, raw product and doesn't have preservatives or stabilizers.

Real Food should be from nature, preferably as close to what's wild as possible, and should be grown the way nature intended (without synthetics). 

In a nutshell: Buy real, raw food and cook it yourself.

There ya have it: “The original human diet.” The Real Food diet. Read more about Real Food in my article "What Is Real Food?"

colin stuckert wild foods founder

–Colin, Founder