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Product Spotlight: Wild Fish Oil

Colin Stuckert

Menhaden are a small, omega-3 rich fish that travel in large, slow-moving schools. The reason they are considered “sustainable”—making it one of the only fish oils in the world able to make that claim—is due to the speed at which the schools replenish themselves. 

Our menhaden is caught in the Atlantic off US waters, primarily by fisherman from the small fishing town of Reedville, Virginia. 

Menhaden is a purer, more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and better tasting fish oil than the typical fish oil blends consisting of anchovy, sardines and mackerel. 

The ingredients that make Wild Fish Oil one of the purest tasting fish oils on the market have been carefully formatted using all natural ingredients. A unique benefit of menhaden oil is it does not naturally come with a strong fishy taste or smell the way other fatty fish oils do.

We use a bit of lemon, rosemary extra and natural vanilla flavor to make one of the best tasting liquid fish oils in the world!

Integral for optimal health, omega-3s are fatty acids that most of us in the West are lacking in our diets. Eating too much fish, which can help improve your omega-3 intake, can be troublesome since you have to worry about mercury contamination.

Fortunately, Wild Fish Oil is tested and verified to be mercury free.

These are a few of the many reasons why we are so proud of Wild Fish Oil. And we think you'll enjoy it as much as we do!

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