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The Wild Newsletter July 27, 2017

Colin Stuckert

Dear Wildling,

Below are some goodies you can consume (figuratively and literally) throughout the weekend.
And make sure you read my rant below!


Yours in Health,
-Colin Stuckert

-Colin Stuckert
Wild Foods Founder

Wild Product Spotlight

We have partnered up with a local Austin skincare brand to bring you something for the outside of your body.

And what's super cool about this Wild partnership is their products are made using Wild Foods ingredients!

Check out the Majestically Made Body Butter and Scrub available in the Wild Shop!

Book of The Week

    The Tao of Charlie Munger.

    I'm a big Charlie Munger fan. He's Warren Buffet's less popular partner.

    He's the more intellectual of the two when it comes to general principles on life. Buffet is no doubt a financial genius, but his focus is more on investing and business whereas Charlie is more a "student of life."

    Wild Guide of The Week

      Matcha is a fine mesh green tea powder that is fully dissolved in liquids or recipes. Compared to green tea, which you brew in hot water and then remove the leaves, matcha is entirely consumed. 

      This is why matcha is so revered for its health benefits. It's said that 1 cup of matcha is like drinking 10 cups of green tea!

      Matcha is a great alternative to coffee when you want to reduce your caffeine intake while still getting a smooth, consistent boost of energy.

      Learn more about matcha in The Wild Guide To Matcha

      Podcast of The Week

      Check out the recent Tim Ferris episode "How To Turn Failure Into Success."

      Article of The week

      The future is coming, that is, unless the Sun doesn't burn out ahead of it's predicted 5 billion-year schedule.

      Here are some fascinating predictions of what the future is going to look like. The younger you are, the more important taking these considerations into account is.

      For example, the article warns against going to law school. It's crazy to think that in the next 10 or 20 years, there might be no such thing as law school.

      Must read article on how our lives will change dramatically in 20 years.

      CEO Corner - Quote of The Week

      I had a recent email exchange with a Wild subscriber that did not agree with our stance on salt.

      She wrote a short email reply to our salt email saying she did not "agree with" our assertions.

      So, in my typical non-people-pleasing response, I replied with further defense of the article.

      This did not go over well, which was construed as "arguing."

      Here was my reply to her arguing comment:

      Part of our job is to educate on the facts around nutrition. Salt and the linkage between high blood pressure is another one of the great lies told to the public similar to the vilification of fat and correlating it to heat disease.

      I think it's of paramount importance to challenge your beliefs on a regular basis. I know some don't like doing that, but how many scientists have been wrong over the years? Countless.

      People used to think that Earth was the center of the galaxy and universe, to name just one "scientific fact" that's been since debunked.

      We will never shy away from sharing our thoughts on food, nutrition and the like.

      Here are some pieces: -

      Here was the subscriber's final reply:

      NO! I'm educated and not needing your unwanted input on NaCl nor any other item you are marketing from your store. All further emails go to my spam folder.


      I share this because I think important.

      Defending salt is important to us at Wild Foods, but that's not the real thing I want to point out here.

      I want to showcase how strongly held beliefs are dangerous.

      After all, the American Heart Association recently claimed that—based on poorly interpreted researchcoconut oil is unhealthy.

      Just another blatant representation of the big powers at be and how they conspire to maintain their destructive status quo.

      And with millions dying every year due to nutrition related disease, these things really freaking matter.

      To make such a big public facing statement like that, they are directly contributing to the pain, suffering and death of countless individuals that have already been led astray by corporate interest propaganda nonsense. (Other examples include the food pyramid and the fat hypothesis.)

      This is why it's more important than ever that we all become skeptics... of everything... all the time... especially of our own beliefs.

      Whatever you think you know now is probably going to change.

      What scientists now know is going to change as it has since the word science was invented.

      There are no better three words than, "I don't know."

      I don't know spurs questioning and open-mindedness.

      I know spurs rigidity and blindness.

      This stuff matters. I can't stress it enough.

      Finally, the less dogmatic you are in life, the less stressed you are. Period.

      I remember a great quote by the amazing dude Peter Sage that went like this: “People have a death grip on what they think reality should look like. And all stress comes from life not fitting your pictures."