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Not All Salt Is The Same... There's Better Salt

Colin Stuckert

We get quite a few people that are totally surprised when we tell them there's a better salt, and that most salt is not the same.

In fact, when we tell them that that the table salt that's sitting on their table at home might actually be causing them harm, even in small quantities, we get even more confused stares.

I love it when this happens because I know I now have the chance to transfer information that has the potential to change their health for the better.

You see, salt is an essential nutrient that our bodies need to survive. But as it goes with all industrialized things, the majority of salt on the market sacrifices quality for quantity and speed. And these cheaper products get passed on to you at the cost of your health.

Because salt is such an integral part of the human diet, you put yourself at unnecessary risk by not using a quality salt.

It's time for a change... for an upgrade... and we have the perfect solution: Learn a bit more about one of our best-selling Wild Salts below...