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Wild Product Spotlight: Wild Vanilla Beans From Madagascar

Colin Stuckert

Dear Wild Friend,

Our goal at Wild Foods is to bring the best products in the world to individuals that want the power to dictate their health instead of blindly trusting the multitude of faceless brands and corporations that line the shelves of the local grocery store.

Running parallel to this goal is our belief that ingredients matter and that food quality is the most important aspect of longterm health and wellness.

Today I'm proud to introduce a new product to the Wild Foods product line: 

Wild Vanilla Beans
Grade A Madagascar Whole Vanilla Beans

In the grocery store, you'll often find a single vanilla bean in a glass bottle or tube for as much as $7.99 each.

While vanilla beans are the second most expensive spice in the world (saffron is the first), we think that's overpriced and most likely the byproduct of the steep margins that retailers take off the top. 

We get our vanilla beans from a distributor based out of Germany that buys directly from the farms in Madagascar. This allows us to sell our vanilla beans for a more competitive price compared to what you'll find in a brick and mortar retail outlet.

So, what do you use whole vanilla beans for?

This: making homemade vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, vanilla salt and for desserts, sauces and recipes.

They make an amazing vanilla extract, which is going to be better for you and taste better than the vanilla extract crap you find in the store. (I say crap because they often use vanilla-like flavorings that don't include an ounce of real vanilla.) 

Wild Vanilla Beans are single-origin Vanilla Beans from Madagascar. They are grade A, the highest grade for Vanilla Beans, with a deep, dark color and rich aroma and flavor.

Traditionally grown, cured and inspected by hand on small farms. Average Bean Length is 5 - 8 Inches.

Check out our Wild Vanilla Beans Selection in our online shop!

Yours in Health,

colin stuckert founder wild foods

– Colin, Founder