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    Wild Blog — Vitamins and Supplements

    How To Make A Collagen Shake

    Wild Collagen is an unflavored powder best suited for protein shakes and smoothies, as well as, a perfect addition to soups, stews, and other recipes! We love using it in this easy-to-make Wild Collagen Shake. Check it out in this Wild Recipe Video!

    ​Read more about this nutritious ingredient in​ our article:  The Wild Characteristics Of Collagen | What It Is & Why We Need It. And then pick up these delicious ​shake ingredients right here in our Wild Shop!

    What Is Turmeric Extract and Why It Is Good For You

    A go-to supplement to take daily—Wild Turmeric Extract. Learn why it’s so helpful to our bodies and what exactly makes our Wild Turmeric Caps so superior.

    ​So whether you’re using it for headaches, cramps, general cancer-fighting properties, or simply ​overall health and well-being, turmeric is just one of those incredibly amazing superfoods!

    Learn more in our article Going Wild For Turmeric and grab a bottle or two for you and your family right here.