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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    New Fav!

    Very happy with these. I know one review mentioned the texture, but I happen to like the texture. It's not chewy and sticky like an RX bar, but a somewhat drier texture. Flavor is great, keeps me full and prevents me from snacking. The fact that it's nice and chocolaty and the perfect amount of sweet makes this more of a treat that I really enjoy.

    These are great!

    Forget about these being the best tasting protein bars out there, these may be the best chocolate bars period! No it's not like a Hershey bar, better! Great fiber consistency without tasting like raw oatmeal,the cocoa content is substantial,and all the right fats with melt in your mouth goodness! Not as solid as a candy bar but the benefits are numerous! I will keep boxes of these on hand for as long as I can(and my adult kids don't find them-they can buy their own!)!

    taste great but the texture is my issue

    The bars taste great and the ingredients are amazing but I find myself not being able to eat a whole bar because of the texture. They are very dry chalky but besides that one complaint they are great.


    These bars are big on taste, moist and nutritious. What more could you ask for? Definitely will be purchasing more!

    Tastes Like It Must Be Bad for You!

    This is the best tasting protein bar I've ever eaten. It was almost like eating a candy bar as far as taste, but this bar is actually good for you. Chocolatey, just the right amount of sweet, and truly delicious.

    Grass-fed Collagen Now On The Go

    Keto wherever you go with Wild Foods Keto Almond Cacao Bar! Each bite of these keto-friendly bars are packed with 11g of protein and filled with good, healthy fats to keep you full until your next meal. Our keto bars also feature 100% Grass-fed Bovine Collagen to support healthy joints if you’re doing keto in conjunction with a workout routine.

    Wild Foods Coal Capsules With Water
    Activated Charcoal From Organic Coconuts

    Simple, Real Ingredients

    When you’re looking for some healthy fuel, these made-for-keto bars only feature real food and clean ingredients including Almonds, MCT Oil, and Organic Almond Butter—to give you the best tasting keto bar that you can enjoy any time of the day.

    Fueled By Nature

    When you eat our Keto Almond Cacao Bar, know that you’re eating a quality keto bar with natural ingredients.

    We make it our mission to bring real food from great sources to your table. It’s the Wild Foods way!

    Bottles Of Lemon Water With Wild Coal Caps


    Wild Foods specializes in Real Food products from small producers around the world.

    We are obsessed with quality ingredients and their story.

    Our Mission is to help 50 million people live better lives through Real Food ingredients and education.