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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Great product and costumer service

    When my order came and the box was empty I contacted costumer service. They where helpful and they send me 2! Packages. Thank you guys.

    Ecuadorian by heart

    First of all thank you for making this awesome super tea leaf reach others. Every time I go to Ecuador one of my favorite thing to drink is guayusa !! Also the only way I got my husband to stop drinking Red Bull, is with him drinking a cup of guayusa every morning . Second of all being originally from Ecuador don’t know where Our friend up there is from but Jivaro is a tribe in Ecuador they are located in the Amazon and if our friend was to do the right research the dialect is not kichwa it’s Quechua. Talking about cultural competency . But give 10 starts if possible I love what you guys are doing finally found some one that can buy guayusa from with out having to travel. Thank you Wild Foods for making this a job for the ones in need and for planting more trees as well. From a Ecuadorian person we thank you !!

    Cultural competency

    First of all... Jivaro means savage in kichwa. It is not a tribe in the Amazon. If y’all are gonna exploit a ceremonial tea maybe get your facts straight?

    Sweet smelling

    I have been using Guayusa leaves with my tea blend for awhile. The leaves have a fresh sweet smell . I store in a air tight container away from the light. This tea lends a nice flavor to my homemade brew. And helps with energy , a good pick me up . Very good with Hibiscus , Fennel, and Honey bush , Nettle.

    Excellent product

    This tea is everything Colin said about it- I would add I love the aroma so much. The fact that enjoying this tea we create jobs for small farmers is of very big importance for me a;so. My deepest respect to this company and Colin especially for supporting small independent farmers vs. boosting mega corporations. The tea is super refreshing and the taste is wonderful.

    Protect The Rainforest

    Guayusa is grown by small farmers in jungle gardens that use the natural canopy of the jungle to grow real shade-grown guayusa. The more guayusa exported, the more rainforest that is protected!

    Smooth, Never Bitter

    Unlike it's cousin, Yerba Mate, Wild Guayusa is smooth and never bitter. It takes up other flavors very well and has a smooth, unassuming flavor that's delicious with a dash of lemon.

    Growing Guayusa Popularity

    Guayusa is a rather new crop to the global tea market. In just 2008, global production of guayusa was zero pounds. Nowadays, there are more than a million pounds of guayusa exported out of the Ecuadorian rainforests by indigenous forest farmers.

    Why is it so amazing?

    Guayusa contains nearly double the antioxidants of green tea. It contains almost as much caffeine per cup as a cup of coffee. Plus guayusa contains no tannins, the compounds that can make tea and coffee bitter, so it's a naturally smooth and sweet beverage.

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