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    It's really mellow bean...just not strong enough for me

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    Colombia = Coffee

    In our minds, Colombia and coffee may already go hand-in-hand, but there's a great reason for that. Colombian grown arabica beans are known for their incredible flavor!

    The family estate farm nurturing the organically grown beans for Wild Coffee Colombia is about more than just picking coffee cherries at the optimal time. They are giving valuable opportunities to many families, providing education, and widening horizons.

    Growing For The Environment

    Making sure not to contaminate the rainforest environment, the coffee plantations that these single origin, fair trade beans are grown on provide homes for countless animals, creeks, plants, and flowers. This is what sustainability is all about.

    Full Of Flavors

    With a wide range of naturally occurring and mouth-watering flavors of sweet chocolate, vanilla, and almonds, Wild Coffee Colombia is a medium roast you'll surely fall for.

    After all, it's grown with love so you can love what you brew.

    Why You Want Single Origin Estate Coffee

    When you buy from our estate family owned coffee plantations you're guaranteed more than great flavor and high quality. You are supporting products that are Fair Trade Certified.

    This means you're making a choice to support responsible companies, empower farmers and their workers, along with protecting the environment.

    Coffee Enlightenment

    While your Wild Foods beans will obviously be arriving ready to grind and brew, did you know that coffee cherries can be eaten directly as a food? People have been known to use them in recipes like energy-rich snack balls.

    After Brazil and Vietnam, Colombia has the highest coffee production in the world, (being the very highest in terms of the arabica bean.)

    The largest cup of coffee ever filled was a 9-foot tall cup! This 3,487 gallon cup of joe earned a Guiness World Record in 2012.

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