Lonestar Decaf | Organic Swiss Water Process – Wild Foods
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    Customer Reviews

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    #1 Decaf

    My wife is the coffee drinker in the house. She has tried fifteen or more decaf brands. The Wild Decaf is a huge #1 for her. Smooth and flavorful, and we grind our own so it is always fresh.

    Great tasting coffee!

    I love all the Wild coffees I’ve ordered so far, including the decaf. All the flavor of a caffeinated coffee; perfect for after dinner or afternoon and I don’t have to worry about being up all night.

    Great coffee but so- so bag

    Absolutely love Wild Foods coffee. Excellent quality and great flavors. Tried many other brands before settling on these. Unfortunately Wild Foods has changed the original “one-way” bag for a cheaper roll down and secure bag which does not keep the coffee as fresh as it could. I am very disappointed by this change.

    The best coffee out there

    Love this coffee along with all the other coffees I have tried from wildfoods! Very pleased with all of the products I have tried! Your coffee is absolutely Amazing love waking up to it every morning!

    Wild Products

    Love them

    Decaf The Right Way

    It can be difficult to find a decaffeinated coffee option that has a pleasant taste. Our Wild Coffee beans are the cleanest, most Wild we could find out of the dozens of coffees we tested. These hit the spot!

    We've chosen select Premium Grade beans which are always single-origin and sourced from small farms, growing crops cultivated with care.

    How To Brew The Wild Way

    Drip Method: 2 tbsp medium grind coffee to 8 ounces of 195-205 degree water.

    Pour Over: 28 grams of coarse ground coffee to 310 grams of 200 degree water.

    Smooth Chemex: 6 tbsp of coarse ground coffee to 700 grams of water.

    Fair Prices For The Coffee Farmers

    Products that meet Fair Trade standards promote growing crops in a way that provides training for farmers. Which can include advice on switching to environmentally friendly practices, such as developing nutrient-rich soils that then support healthy plants and encourage wildlife to help control pests and diseases naturally.

    This means helping the environment, educating people, and providing you with a healthier product to enjoy!

    Wild Coffee FAQ

    What is best way to store coffee?

    Keep it stored away from light and heat in an air tight container. Don't refrigerate your beans and only freeze your beans if you don't plan on using them soon. Then make sure you triple wrap them.

    Why are the beans oily?

    The darker the roast, the more you will see the shiny coffee oils on the exterior of the beans. This is a sign of freshness as most mass-produced coffee, because it is stale, does not have these yummy coffee oils still on the beans because they have dried out. The more you roast a coffee bean, the more you draw out the coffee oils that are inside the bean. Lighter roasts still have the oils inside the beans, which makes them look "dry," while the darker roasts will shimmer with wonderful shiny coffee oils on their exterior.

    Does this product have any additives?

    Never ever ever evaaaa!

    Wild Mission

    Wild Foods specializes in Real Foods from small producers around the world.

    We are passionate about ingredients and their story.

    Our Wild Mission is to help a million people live better lives by eating, moving and living naturally.

    If we don’t use it, we won't sell it.

    That is our Wild Guarantee.