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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 172 reviews
    Regena Simms

    I love this product and referred my brother to it as well.

    Philip Mikolay
    best fish oil

    I do believe that this is the best fish oil I have used. I do recommend it to anyone who needs to take fish oil.

    Swimmingly good!

    I'm glad I "caught" sight of Wild Fish Oil. My order was quick to arrive, and the Wild Fish Oil capsules don't taste as "fishy" going down, nor as "oily" once they "land" in my stomach.

    Ruth Hudson
    Great for your skin

    I’ve been using this product for 2 years and highly recommended it. There is no fishy taste like others I’ve tried. I love that the fish is wild caught and not damaging the environment. I highly recommend this product.

    kerry valdez
    Great product

    I am very picky in which fish oil supplements I use. I really like wilds fish oil capsule/liquid. I like that I am not adding to the destruction of the sea ecosystem(or at least limiting it). Also, These pills don’t leave a fishy aftertaste

    Burp-Less Caps

    One of the best-tasting fish oils on the market and one of the only in the world Certified by Friends of the Sea! Wild Fish Oil does not disrupt fragile aquatic ecosystems. Caught in U.S. Waters and processed in U.S. Fisheries. Support fishermen that respect the fish that give us their wonderful oil.

    Responsible Fishing Standards

    Caught off the coast of Virginia, Wild Fish Oil is one of the only fish oils processed in the United States, as soon as it gets off the boat!

    Certified by Friends of The Sea

    Over-fishing is a major problem. One that threatens our entire food supply (since it's all connected).

    By supporting the amazing fishermen that do their job with respect to the health of the oceans, you can do good while feeling good!

    Wild Fish Oil FAQ

    How is Wild Fish oil processed?

    Our fish oil is molecularly distilled and is 100% naturally occurring in triglyceride form.

    Is this product tested for heavy metals? How do I know it's safe?

    Yes. It is tested multiple times + purified through the distillation process!

    Our supplier also owns the actual fishing boats that supply the fish, and thus controls the entire supply chain. Finally, we use menhaden and not the more common anchovy, sardines and mackerel that are over-fished and often have issues with rancidity and higher levels of mercury.

    By using molecular distillation, heavy metals that might be prevalent in the fish are removed and what's left is a pure, clean oil. Also, with menhaden fish, which this product is 100% derived from, these small fatty fish replenish so quickly (which is why they are sustainable), that the fish are rarely in the water that long and thus have a shorter total lifespan which reduces heavy metal toxicity tremendously. Typically, the bigger the fish the more exposure to heavy metals. Hope that helps.

    Is the bottle bpa-free?


    Wild Mission

    Wild Foods specializes in Real Foods from small producers around the world.

    We are passionate about ingredients and their story.

    Our Wild Mission is to help a million people live better lives by eating, moving and living naturally.

    If we don’t use it, we won't sell it.

    That is our Wild Guarantee.

    Earth-grown ingredients

    Our philosophy is Mother Nature knows best. We will never outwit her, so we stay as out of her way and let her do her thang!

    Health First Approach

    At Wild, we are obsessed with health and longevity. Everything we do is focused on this obsession.

    Every Batch Tested

    Every Wild Foods product undergoes multiple testing throughout the supply chain process to ensure safety, potency, and consistency.

    Science and Nature

    By understanding the first principles of human biology, we develop products to support you and your goals for the long haul.