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Happy New Year! Here's to an amazing 2019. We are thrilled to join you on your Wild journey. Please let us know if we can help you make 2019 amaaazing!
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    The Taste Of Cocotropic

    "Rich and tasty."
    "Absolutely delicious!"
    "Creamy, chocolatey taste."

    This superherb blend is a natural cognitive enhancer that aids in concentration and mood improvement. Instead of taking countless pills, enjoy our Wild Cocotropic in an all-natural rich and creamy powder blend that's extremely versatile.

    Essentials For A Wild Lifestyle

    These Wild Bundles make it effortless to snag the products you need for pre-workout shakes, morning #DrinkYourFat recipes, butter coffee, protein smoothies, power bowls, and lots more.

    Wild Minis!

    Our Wild Minis are a fantastic way to get to try new products out that you've never used before or to have a convenient travel size version of a product you already love using.

    They make eating healthy and keeping your Wild Foods routine simple, even when you're on the go.