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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Same not same

    It's the same salt but it's not the same, it has a fine texture, and adds a nice color to the food.

    red salt

    I use it after cooking most of the time. It works for me

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    Stunning And Bright

    Our Wild Red Salt is a savory combination of sea salt from Hawaii with purified red alae clay from the beautiful island of Kauai.

    Healthful Benefits From Salt

    Using nutrient-rich salt can provide a wonderful array of benefits to the body.

    Some of these include:
    Relieving Sore Throat
    Providing Energy And Allowing Muscle Movement
    Preventing Heat Stroke
    Treating Chronic Rhinosinusitis
    Relieving Muscle Cramps
    As A Great Foot Soak

    Cooking With Wild Salt

    The key when it comes to health and salt is the quality of the product you buy and use. You want naturally harvested, real salt that comes from deep under the earth or from the sea.

    Salt is an essential nutrient to the human body, so when you enjoy Wild Red Salt, you know you're getting quality nutrition for all of your recipes and culinary delights!

    Wild Salt Resources

    Wild Red Salt FAQ's

    Are there artificial colors added to make this salt red?
    Can Wild Red Salt be used in a body scrub?
    What are the ingredients in Wild Red Salt?