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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Wild Turmeric

    Excellent product! I highly recommend it.

    Good turmeric

    I love being able to get turmeric with verified under 5% curcumin.

    Organic from India

    The best of all of this kind- organic and from India. The curcumin is known for its multiple health benefit for people of all ages.

    What Our Customers Say

    Wild brand Turmeric powder has an amazingly bright, pungent, tart taste that makes it super easy to tell that it's really fresh. It hasn't yet lost the brightness that the fresher turmeric powders have.

    It's so cool that it's fair trade and single origin. Then the company that distributes it knows exactly where it came from and it isn't an amalgamation of different turmerics all dried and ground and mixed together. I'd gladly pay more to know that the farmer is getting a fair price for their product as well.

    Butter Coffee, Shakes, Smoothies

    Add a spoonful of Wild Turmeric to your drinks for an added boost of superfood nutrition!

    Recover Faster

    Used as a cooking spice and a medicine in India for thousands of years, turmeric's curcuminoids may help reduce inflammation and boost immunity!

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