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    Keto Box

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    What Is Cocotropic?

    This delicious powder is a blend of our best-selling Wild Chocolate with reishi mushroom, raw maca powder, chaga mushroom and Wild Turmeric. This Wild Cocotropic blend of superherbs are natural cognitive enhancers that aid in concentration, mood improvement and general relaxation.

    What Should I Use MCT Oil For?

    When you think of healthy fats, Wild MCT Oil should come to mind.

    You can try a bit in your morning coffee or in shakes and smoothies. Use a teaspoon to cook up some scrambled eggs. These are just a few great ways to get the healthy benefits from and enjoy using MCT Oil. The options are really limitless.

    Delectable Cocoa Butter

    Being naturally rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, makes cocoa butter a wonderful skincare product, as well as, wildly good for you to eat!

    They blend easy and melt wonderfully, so when it comes to recipes simply include a spoonful of Wild Cocoa Butter wafers to add a delicious chocolate flavor while rounding out your drinks with healthy fat and clean calories your body and brain will use for fuel.