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    There's Something Better

    With regular paper tea bags you get a lower quality, mass-produced tea. These usually contain "dust and fanning," which is the tea industry's term for leftover dust particles that are a byproduct of the tea production process. Yuck!

    We recommend buying loose leaf tea and filling the Reusable Muslin Cloth Tea Bags. (At Wild Foods, it's loose leaf we ourselves steep and enjoy!)

    Better For The Environment

    Less paper waste means less trees destroyed! When you choose to steep in our Reusable Muslin Cloth Tea Bags, you're helping the planet and can feel better about every cup of tea you brew and enjoy.

    Higher Quality, Better Taste

    Loose leaf tea is almost always the highest quality tea. The loose leaf style allows the tea to more freely move around in the water, resulting in a better brew. Bigger ingredient pieces also equate to more nutrition in the final cup. Now that's a reason to really savor every sip!