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Guayusa Tea

Learn all about the Amazonian Superleaf tea known as Guayusa


Guayusa: The Amazonian Superleaf Tea


I remember the first time I read about guayusa.

The feelings I experienced were shock, wonder and a frantic searching for finding 'the catch.'

Of course, I couldn't find a catch and so my shock and wonder grew.

At that point, I knew I had to find a supplier of guayusa to bring under the Wild Foods brand and share this amazing super-leaf with the world.

After a month of contacting various suppliers, I found a company I trust that supplies organic guayusa direct from the Ecuadorian rainforests.

A thing unique about guayusa compared to other crops harvested out of the rainforests is it actually promotes protection of the rainforest due to the unique way it is grown in 'forest gardens' that require natural forest shade and biodiverse jungle life to thrive.

What this means is, the more guayusa that is produced, the more rainforest that is protected.

 Where guayusa is grown!

Where guayusa is grown!

And I haven't even gotten to the real selling points of guayusa. Read on...

Guayusa is a new crop to the global tea market.

In fact, in  just 2008, global production of guayusa was zero pounds. Nowadays, there are more than a million pounds of guayusa exported out of the Ecuadorian rainforests by indigenous forest farmers.

Guayusa is growing for a reason, or a couple reasons, I should say.

And these reasons are what floored me when I first read about guayusa.

In short, they are:

  • Guayusa contains nearly double the antioxidants of green tea
  • Guayusa contains almost as much caffeine per cup as a cup of coffee *
  • Guayusa contains no tannins—the compounds that can make tea and coffee bitter—and is a naturally smooth and sweet beverage

*Guayusa = 66mg caffeine per 8oz cup
*Espresso = 77mg caffeine per 1.5oz shot
*Black coffee = 95mg caffeine per 8oz cup

guayusa cultivated from the rainforest

So what you're telling me is this...

Guayusa has double the antioxidants as green tea, no bitterness, almost as much caffeine as coffee, and contains theobromine—an ingredient found in chocolate responsible for inducing muscular relaxation and known to balance out the jittery effects of caffeine?


No wonder production has gone from 0 pounds in 2008 to over a million pounds in less than 10 years!

So after I read all this amazing information about this unheard of super-leaf from South America, I was excited to try guayusa for myself.

But as I waited for my initial test batch from my supplier, I told myself to not get too hyped up. After all, life has taught me that most things sound better than they actually are.

Well, long story short, I was not let down in the least!

After brewing up 20 cups of guayusa to varying strengths and with varying added ingredients—honey, lemon, xylitol, maple syrup—I was ecstatic.

And that's how Wild Guayusa was launched.

Since then we've formulated 3 blends of Wild Guayusa, and have more planned for the future.

While I could rave and rave about guayusa, my best advice is to try it for yourself. Sure, on paper, guayusa seems to have everything going for it.

But until you brew up some guayusa, take a few sips and enjoy the subtle flavor and invigorating effects for yourself, nothing I'm going to say can compete.

Here are some FAQ we get on this amazing super-leaf tea.

 Wild Guayusa #1 

Wild Guayusa #1 

Guayusa FAQ

How much caffeine does guayusa have?

~66mg per 8oz cup 

How do I brew guayusa?

Use 3g (~1-2 tsp) guayusa with 8oz 185° water and steep for 4-7 minutes

Is Guayusa like yerba mate?

It is a close-cousin of mate. Both are members of the holly tree family and contain similar antioxidant and polyphenol levels, although yerba mate has a stronger, more bitter flavor and is more prone to over steeping than guayusa.

Where is guayusa grown?

Guayusa is grown in Amazonian rainforests in Ecuador by local farmers. Guayusa requires shade and the biodiverse environment of the rainforest to grow, which promotes rainforest preservation.

Where does guayusa taste like?

Guayusa has a mild, slightly sweet earthy flavor that takes up other flavors well. 

Check out the brand new Wild Guayusa line here.

In the next section, we'll look at some uber-useful tea brewing vessels for getting the perfect cup Every time.