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How To Brew Coffee With An Aeropress

Brew coffee with an Aeropress



The Aeropress is an invention by Alan Adler, inventor of the Aerobie Frisbee.

It's a fun way to brew and is great for traveling because it's small and light. (There's even an Aeropress World Championships.)



  1. Grind 18oz coffee to as fine as table salt
  2. Invert Aeropress and insert plunger until it is set at 4
  3. Bring 12oz water to a boil
  4. Rinse filter and end cap with a bit of hot water
  5. Add grounds to inverted Aeropress
  6. Pour water that is 30 seconds off boil over grounds to wet grounds
  7. Let bloom for 30 seconds (you will see little bubbles)
  8. Stir grounds
  9. Pour in rest of water
  10. Place top and flip over a cup or mug
  11. Press slowly (about 20 seconds) until you hear a hissing sound
  12. Enjoy!

*Combine your freshly brewed coffee with some Wild MCT Oil, pastured butter and a dash of Wild Chocolate and Wild Vanilla and blend! Recipe here.

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