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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Did you know you can make cold brew coffee at home with only a few simple tools?


How To Cold Brew Coffee

If you don't know how awesome cold brew coffee is, you are missing out.

(And a great place to get your first taste is with our Wild Cold Brew brew-at-home pouches.)

Cold Brew coffee is different than typical hot brewed coffee because it is brewed with cold water (duh). There are a few methods for doing this, but in our tests, we have found that using ice cold water and brewing for 24 hours in the fridge yields the best results. 

When you brew coffee using hot water, you get a fast extraction but at the cost of a more acidic cup of coffee due to the hot water pulling out more of the harsh components of the grounds--oils, acids and aromatic molecules.

This results in strong, acidic cup of coffee. For many, this acidic cup of coffee is too harsh to drink without sugar and/or cream.

Enter Cold Brew Iced Coffee

For those who don't like black coffee, cold brew coffee might change your mind. The cold brew method produces a smooth, low acid and sweet cup of coffee. And when you pour it over ice, man-o-man, it is damn good!

Brewing cold brew coffee is easy if you have the right tools and great coffee.

What you'll need to cold brew coffee:

  • Pre-chilled glass container - (a Mason Jar or French Press works great)
  • 1 liter (34 ounces) of ice cold filtered water
  • 85g of fresh ground Wild Coffee beans ground to the size of thick grained sea salt/breadcrumbs
  • A method of straining the grounds; paper filter, fine-mesh strainer, french press

How to Cold Brew Coffee Method:

  1. Grind coffee beans to a medium grind size
  2. Add grounds to glass container and pour in water
  3. Stir until all grounds are completely submerged
  4. Cover and place in fridge
  5. Optional: check after a few hours and stir to make sure all grounds are submerged
  6. After 24 hours, remove container from fridge and stir one last time
  7. Strain
  8. Pour over ice and drink! 
  9. *Store remainder in sealed container and enjoy within a few days

If you have yet to try cold brew coffee, I highly recommend you do. As with any cup of coffee, the better quality bean you use, the better cup of coffee you'll get.

Trust us, you'll freaking love our whole bean Wild Coffee and Wild Cold Brew Brew-At-Home kit. Cold brew can be a game-changer.

 Our foolproof Wild Cold Brew-at-Home kits! 24 ounces of delicious and fresh cold brew in 24 hours!

Our foolproof Wild Cold Brew-at-Home kits! 24 ounces of delicious and fresh cold brew in 24 hours!

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