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    Not Your Typical Protein Powder!

    Happy Cows

    It all starts with healthy cows who spend their days grazing happily.

    They're never treated with hormones. They simply roam and enjoy organic, pesticide-free pastures. Living calm lives doing what cows do best - leisurely grazing and making rich, creamy milk.

    The Best Whey Is Wild

    Other whey protein powders go through processing that results in a destruction or removal of many beneficial biologically-active properties that are inherent in raw milk.

    Wild Whey undergoes the most minimal processing possible, which means a better preservation of the beneficial nutrition found in this ultra-premium product!

    Pick From 3 Flavors

    Whether you go au naturel, love the light taste of creamy vanilla, or just plain can't get enough dark chocolate in your life, we have a Wild Whey flavor you're going to swoon for.

    No matter which flavor you choose, you'll find they all offer a rich and smooth texture with a milky aroma and flavor that goes great in all of your smoothies, shakes, or Wild Coffee (one of our favorites).

    Grass-Fed Wild Whey Protein

     Over a Pound for $24.95

    • From Humanely Treated, Antibiotic-Free Cows
    • Non-Denatured, Native, Biologically Active
    • Complete Amino Acid Profile
    • Easy To Blend Powders
    • BPA-Free Containers
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    Wild Whey Is Creamy & Delicious!

    Choose a Flavor of Wild Whey Powder Now!

    The Wild Foods Guide To Whey Protein

    Looking to learn more about all the healthy benefits of using a whey protein powder?
    Want to know why our Wild Whey really is the best choice?
    Check out our Wild Whey Guide here!