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    Handy little thing

    Liked it so much I order 5 more!

    Experiencing Better Teas

    The flavor, aroma, and health benefits of tea (as best enjoyed with our Tea Infuser) all start at the seed and as with wine and coffee, the geographic location where a tea crop is grown plays a vital role in its final makeup.

    Wild Teas are carefully selected. Always organic, 100% natural, non-GMO, soy free, vegan, and gluten free. This ensures quality and higher nutritional benefits, not to mention incredible taste!

    So Many Teas To Taste

    While a lot of teas are cut and sifted into small particles so they fit in tea bags this is not what an educated tea drinker wants to consume. Smaller tea ingredients are more susceptible to losing flavor and nutrition, so what we really want is high-quality, whole ingredient, loose leaf tea.

    Our Wild Brew Gear (like the chic Asian Style Curve Tea Infuser) makes it possible to steep the very best with every cup! As you sip your savory infusion, stop to decipher the flavors and think of all of the nutritional benefits you can gain from your drink.

    Stylish, Enjoyable To Use, Easy To Clean

    Taste tea the way it was meant to be - whole, quality, loose ingredients, steeped and savored! With our Asian Style Curve Tea Infusers, you can brew everyday in style. Choose from one of several colors, or grab them all to match every mood. It's the perfect way to brew a single cup!