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    good stuff, prompt shipping and great customer support

    Best matcha!

    Hi!! If you are a matcha lover like me, then you in the best store. I tried lots of different brands and Wild Matcha here is by far the best cleanest, yummy tasting matcha I could find. I highly recommend it, you will be back and slightly addicted. Its that good, especially with wild mct oil and supershrooms, then add your favorite sweetener and milk ( I do coconut and stevia) and boom! Deliciousness galore:)


    I like it

    Special experience

    This was my first encounter with famous Japanese traditional drink and I’m lucky to have the best of best- first harvest Wild’s matcha. I love everything about this highest quality precious green powder- the unique taste, the energy that comes slowly unfolding and the COLOR! ( as I drink my matcha in transparent double-glass tea cup). I understand the ritual created as "tea ceremony"to appreciate the long and mindful creation of this tea for you to taste, enjoy and be mindful as well for hidden pleasures.

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    Visible Nutrition = Visible Results

    Makes a nutritious way to wake up for the day.
    It's also a great natural pre-workout choice.
    Grown and processed on JAS Organic tea farm in Japan.

    A Perfect Part of Your Wild Routine

    Metabolism Enhancer: Wild Matcha contains polyphenols EGCG, a thermogenic ingredient known to boost metabolism.

    Matcha is a natural mood and energy enhancer: the caffeine is released into the bloodstream slowly, providing a healthy boost of energy!

    Quick and Easy Iced Matcha

    1 TSP Wild Matcha
    Cold Filtered Water
    Cup of Ice
    Juice of a Lime or Lemon Wedge
    Optional: xylitol, stevia, Monk fruit.

    Add all items to jar or shaker bottle.
    Shake until combined, then taste and adjust as desired.

    Wild Matcha Green Tea FAQ's

    What is the difference between first and second harvest Matcha?
    Where does Wild Matcha come from?
    How is Matcha made?
    How much caffeine is in matcha?
    Can you drink Wild Matcha as actual tea and not just use it in smoothies and shakes?
    When making a Wild Matcha smoothie, do I use matcha in powder form or do I need to prepare it in some special way?