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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Best salt ever

    I love putting this in pasta. The crunch is super tasty

    Wild and Natural

    Flake Sea Salt is the way to go if you are salting your food just before you eat it. The taste is incredible. Who better to order from but Wild Foods. Recommend to all.

    Wild Kosher Salt

    This is the third time I have purchased this salt, and I even gave it as a Christmas gift. Love all the wild food products that I have tried and it is quite a few of them. I will stay a Wild Foods consumer for life.

    Amazing Salt

    I am so happy I found this product. It is clean without added chemicals ( you would be surprised how many additives are in Kosher salt from grocery store). This product even tastes fresher, cleaner, without that clorine-ish taste of commercial salt. I would not be without it.

    This is the perfect consistency and taste for cooking

    This is the perfect consistency and taste for cooking. I love that it comes in small packages too so I can store an extra one without it taking up too much space. This is a great product.

    Cook And Finish

    The delicate flake texture makes Wild Kosher Flake Sea Salt great as a finishing salt and for cooking recipes.

    Just grab a pinch and break the salt down to your desired size as you sprinkle it into your recipe or over your finished dish!

    Responsibly Produced

    Wild Kosher Flake Sea Salt is hand-harvested by workers who are paid fairly.

    It helps bring money into smaller areas, providing stability and giving access to a higher standard of living for local communities.

    Amazing In Drinks

    A dash of Wild Kosher Flake Sea Salt helps round-out the flavor of drink recipes - smoothies, shakes, butter coffee.

    You also get the added benefit of the trace minerals, making your recipe even more nutritious!

    Wild Salt Resources

    Wild Kosher Flake Sea Salt FAQ's

    Does this salt have iodine in it?
    I thought unrefined sea salts weren't white. How can this product be so white?
    Can this salt variety be used in a salt grinder?
    Is this the kind of salt you can use for rimming a margarita glass?
    Can Wild Kosher Flake Sea Salt be used on the skin and in body scrubs?