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    Customer Reviews

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    Duff P
    Lion’s Mane

    I love the taste of your Lion’s Mane! Plus, I notice when I’m having it daily (in my coffee), my memory recall is soooo much better! Please don’t stop making Lion’s Mane!!

    Becky Krueger
    Great for your lungs

    I take this cause I'm an athlete and a singer/dancer and love feeling confident in my lung capacity so I take this stuff. I also had covid 2.5 years ago and I'm still working on keeping my lungs healthy.

    Diane Gulinello
    Lion's mane

    Great with my coffee. I alternate with sll wild foods shrooms

    AmazIng product

    This so the best mushroom blend around. And at an amazing price. I put it in my coffee every morning and I know my immune system is better. I haven’t gotten sick in over a year! That’s unheard of for me.

    Timothy Ertsgard
    Love this blend

    I love the blend of 5!! I only wish there was a 7 or a 9 blend. Keep up the great work, homies.


    The word "no" is often taken to be a bad thing, but we're proud to say NO. That's NO fillers, NO additives, NO GMO, and NO compromises. Wild Foods is dedicated to quality and sourcing from only the best. That's why we know you'll love our triple water extracted, log grown, and small farmer raised shrooms.

    Blend of 5 Powerful Mushrooms

    With Wild Shroom Master Blend you get all five of the high quality mushrooms we offer⁠—Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, and Cordyceps in one powerful blend. That's some serious healthy power.

    Promoting Great Well-Being

    Reishi and Cordyceps are renown for their adaptogenic properties. Acting like regulators of balance, these two shrooms may help! Hand-in-hand with these are the Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail. Both may aid in boosting your immunity for a stronger you! Lastly, Chaga delivers a knock out for radicals with its super antioxidant values!

    Blend It Up, Mix It Up

    What's great about these potent mushroom powders is their versatility for use. Throw some in your morning butter coffee. Blend it into your shakes and smoothies. Or stir into a cup of Wild Chocolate Cocoa. Don't be afraid to mix it up!

    Quick Facts

    • Adaptogenic Properties
    • Immunomodulation Help 
    • High ORAC Values
    • May Reduce Stress
    • Assists in Boosting Vitality
    • Promotes Balance
    • Blends Well Into Drinks
    • No Fillers
    • Quality Grown


    Wild Master Shroom Blend is full of the antioxidants you need to ward off free radicals. Plus ensuring we source from farmers who have grown their mushrooms for generations means sustainable production. All so you can enjoy the Master Blend of triple water extracted mushroom powder.

    Antioxidant Packed Powder

    Sustainably Made On Small Farms

    Triple Water Extracted Strength

    Wild Master Shroom Mushroom Blend Resources

    Wild Master Shroom Mushroom Blend FAQ

    What mushrooms make up the Wild Master Shrooms Blend?
    How was this extracted? What chemicals are used in the extraction process?
    What are the mushroom's countries of origin?
    Is this product tested for heavy metals and PCB's? How do I know it's safe?
    Are all 5 mushrooms from fruiting bodies?