Wild T-Shirt Sleeping Bear: USA Made Cotton Unisex T-Shirt – Wild Foods
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    Happy As A Hibernating Bear

    The adorable, outdoor, Sleeping Bear design on these Wild T-Shirts is a perfect way to show off your Wild Lifestyle! Whether or not you're getting to camp out under the Northern Lights, or something a bit more tame, you can still get back to nature wearing these comfortable, cotton tees!

    Enjoy Nature

    There are so many reasons to get outdoors everyday! Here are just some of the healthy benefits from doing so:

    Fresh air cleans your lungs, helps improve blood pressure, and heart rate.

    Getting outside can be good for your eyes, perhaps alleviating blurred and double vision, red eyes, and even headaches.

    Strengthen your immune system, gain sharper thinking, and levels of creativity.

    Being in touch with nature helps boost serotonin levels (that's the feel-good neurotransmitter in our bodies).

    Completely Comfy

    Whether you're spending the day outdoors or keeping cozy inside, the happy animals and look of nature calling on our Sleeping Bear Wild T-Shirt boldly encourages keeping it Wild in cottony comfort.