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    Functional Decor

    The adorable ceramic Teapot with Lid and Infuser, available in two colors styles, adds a touch of tea time decoration to your kitchen space.

    Be A Tea Connoisseur

    Most tea is cut and sifted into small particles so it can fit in tea bags. This is not the tea an educated tea drinker consumes. What we want is high-quality, as whole ingredient as we can find, loose leaf tea.

    As a general rule, the bigger the ingredients, the better. Smaller tea ingredients are more susceptible to losing flavor and nutrition.

    Our Wild Teas provide you with organic ingredients selected for their quality. Our Wild Brew Gear (like this super cute Teapot) make it possible to steep the very best! Whether serving to guests or savoring on your own, think of yourself as a tea connoisseur, as you try to decipher the flavors in each pot you enjoy.

    Enjoyable To Use, Easy To Clean

    The pot, the lid, the basket infuser - they're all dishwasher safe! Now you can enjoy your tea with even less clean up effort involved. Spend more time sipping and savoring and less time worrying about suds and scrubbing.