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    So fresh and delicious and the aroma is energizing!

    So fresh and delicious and the aroma is energizing! This is one of our favorites among several others.

    Keep them coming Wild Crew!

    Did You Know?

    Traditional rooibos is known as "red tea," named for the color of the leaves and the red brew it produces. Green rooibos however, (like Wild Tea #5 Thai G Roobois), is rooibos that has not been oxidized or fermented. It is considered a more nutritious, version of loose leaf tea.

    Terrific Aspects Of Thai G

    It's caffeine free.
    Full of antioxidants.
    Can help improve digestion.
    Tastes great hot or cold.

    Tasting Wild Tea #5 Thai G...

    "Very flavorful and unique."
    "Super tasty tea!"
    "This was nice and refreshing."
    "Gentle lemon tasting tea that is not too strong."
    "My newest favorite tea."

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