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    Brew Fragrant Rose Tea

    Sniff... then sniff a bit more. Now brew.

    Simply use 1 teaspoon of Wild Tea #4 Dried Rose Pieces with 8oz of 200° water. Let it brew for 3-5 minutes. Then strain and savor each sip.

    Beautiful And Delicious

    Since our dried rose pieces are 100% non-irradiated and pesticide-free, they make not only an incredible tea, but can also add vibrant color to all kinds of delicious recipes. Include them in crafts and gifts, like potpourri blends and bath salts.

    Some Facts On Roses

    There are about a hundred species of roses, which have a wide variety in shape, color, and climate preference.

    The tallest rose bush ever recorded stood at an amazing 23 feet tall! (That would take some time to "stop and...climb up a ladder to...smell the roses.")

    Roses are one of only three flowers that are mentioned in the Bible. The other two flowers mentioned are camphire and lilies.

    Many species of roses grow fruit. Maybe you've tasted them before. Their fruit is called a rose hip and closely resembles a berry.

    Wild Tea FAQ's

    How many cups of tea does it yield?
    What's the difference between a kettle and a teapot?
    How much caffeine is in tea?