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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    not good

    I wanted to like this product but just can't stand the flavor! I have been having is sweetened but maybe I should try it savory instead! ???

    Jennifer DeFalco
    Coco tropic

    Use this daily. Part of morning routine even pack some when I camp

    Amy S
    Love this product!

    I’ve purchased CocoTropics numerous times and will continue to buy it. I love the chocolate flavor and the mushroom elixir, and add it to my protein shakes or coffee daily.

    Gretchen Knapp
    Noticeable mood enhancement

    A coworker recommended it to me when I put a heaping spoonful in my coffee. I kind of forgot about it then realized that my attitude and mood were REMARKABLY improved 30 minutes later. Aside from prescription (or illegal) drugs or maybe an awesome hot yoga workout, I have never had such a gentle yet noticeable change in my mood. I bought some for my dad who has chronic pain and migraines and for my sister who has similar symptoms and they love it. They continue to comment each time they take it that it really works. I can't recommend it enough. I want to know more about how such compounds effect the brain. Truly miraculous!

    Very good product

    I’ve been using Cocotropic for years. I put it in my coffee and my almond butter brownie!!! 🙃🙃