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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    John L
    Perfect everyday coffee

    We drink a lot of coffee at home. Either hot (black) or iced (with milk and sugar). I was going through a cost-prohibitive amount of small bags of whole bean coffee and started looking for 5-pound bags of whole bean, fair trade coffee and found my way to Wild Foods and the Sidamo beans. Incredible, balanced flavor that exceeds most—if not all—other whole bean medium roast beans I’ve tried at any price. I’ve been a monthly subscriber for the past 2 years.

    Elena Milan

    We have tried different Sidamo beans, but none as good as what comes out of Austin, Texas' Wild Coffee. Plus it's organic. Win/Win!

    Ludmila Dmitriev-Odier
    excellent coffee!!!

    Love the delicate aroma and quality of this coffee!!! Thank you very much for the great taste brightening my mornings!!!

    Lisa R
    Upgraded morning!

    Wild foods coffee, master blend wild shrooms, and MCT oil changed my coffee game for good! I blend them all together with a couple dashes of cinnamon for a delicious and healthy start to my day!!

    Excellent product

    Love the Sidamo! Smooth, complex, earth toned coffee.

    What Makes Sidamo Great

    This rich African coffee is taken from only the best Premium Grade "1" beans, grown in small crops on small farms.

    Our Wild Coffees are fresh roasted locally in small batches and the smell is always extremely intoxicating!

    How To Brew The Wild Way

    Drip Method: 2 tbsp medium grind coffee to 8 ounces of 195-205 degree water.

    Pour Over: 28 grams of coarse ground coffee to 310 grams of 200 degree water.

    Smooth Chemex: 6 tbsp of coarse ground coffee to 700 grams of water.

    Fair Coffee For All Involved

    Fair Trade ensures the origin of the product you're getting, as well as, fair pay to the farmers for the beans they've grown and cared for.

    This grants them a fair price for their crops, and their local community benefits from this arrangement too.

    Wild Coffee FAQ

    What is best way to store coffee?

    Keep it stored away from light and heat in an air tight container. Don't refrigerate your beans and only freeze your beans if you don't plan on using them soon. Then make sure you triple wrap them.

    Why are the beans oily?

    The darker the roast, the more you will see the shiny coffee oils on the exterior of the beans. This is a sign of freshness as most mass-produced coffee, because it is stale, does not have these yummy coffee oils still on the beans because they have dried out. The more you roast a coffee bean, the more you draw out the coffee oils that are inside the bean. Lighter roasts still have the oils inside the beans, which makes them look "dry," while the darker roasts will shimmer with wonderful shiny coffee oils on their exterior.

    Does this product have any additives?

    Never ever ever evaaaa!

    Wild Mission

    Wild Foods specializes in Real Foods from small producers around the world.

    We are passionate about ingredients and their story.

    Our Wild Mission is to help a million people live better lives by eating, moving and living naturally.

    If we don’t use it, we won't sell it.

    That is our Wild Guarantee.

    Earth-grown ingredients

    Our philosophy is Mother Nature knows best. We will never outwit her, so we stay as out of her way and let her do her thang!

    Health First Approach

    At Wild, we are obsessed with health and longevity. Everything we do is focused on this obsession.

    Every Batch Tested

    Every Wild Foods product undergoes multiple testing throughout the supply chain process to ensure safety, potency, and consistency.

    Science and Nature

    By understanding the first principles of human biology, we develop products to support you and your goals for the long haul.