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    High Quality Beans

    Great quality beans, consistent size, hardly any quakers. No very fruity but sweet and almost caramelly to me. A very good coffee for the price. Only complaint is packaging on the 5lb order. It was vacuum packaged very well however I wish it was split into two 2.5lb vacuum sealed bags like the light roast.

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    Why It's Awesome

    Wild Coffee beans are the cleanest, most Wild bean we could find out of dozens of coffees we tested. These select Premium Grade "1" beans are single-origin, organic and sourced from small farms and crops.

    Wild Coffee beans are fresh roasted in small batches 2-4 times a month. The fresh roasted smell is intoxicating.

    How To Brew

    Drip: 2 tbsp medium grind coffee to 8 ounces of 195-205 degree water.

    Pour Over: 28 grams of coarse ground coffee to 310 grams of 200 degree water.

    Chemex: 6 tbsp of coarse ground coffee to 700 grams of water.

    Always Fair Trade | Always Organic

    Fair Trade certified coffee ensures the origin of a product. Farmers that grow Fair Trade coffee receive a fair price, and their local community benefits as well.

    Non-organic coffees contain residues from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In some cases, these enter the middle of the bean and can even remain trapped inside throughout the roasting process. Try a cup of Wild Coffee and you can literally feel the difference!

    Fair Trade Is A Good Decision

    Choosing products that are Fair Trade Certified means you're making a choice to support responsible companies, empower farmers and their workers, along with protecting the environment.

    The Organic Difference

    No chemicals are used in Wild Coffee production, processing and packaging. This means it doesn't pollute the environment. There is also no risk of smaller animals like beautiful birds or squirrels, being poisoned and killed due to these toxic chemicals. Therefore, organic Wild Coffees help a lot to preserve the environment and its healthy cycles.

    Did You Know?

    Back in 2001, Brazil produced a postal stamp that smelled like coffee? It was created to promote their coffee and the stamp's smell was said to last up to 5 years.

    The most widely used commodity in the world is oil, coffee is next in line.

    Wild Coffee FAQ's

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