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    Because You Care About Your Food

    You take the time and care to pick out wholesome ingredients from your grocery store, so why not carry those home in a bag that also shows you care?

    The Wild Foods Tote is a reusable cotton canvas bag, which means helping the environment avoid more plastic grocery bags piling up in landfills.

    You choose reusable because you care about your food and the planet it grows on!

    For More Than Just Good Ingredients

    Wherever your day takes you, this heavy duty tote is there by your side.

    Whether you're commuting to the office, working outdoors, heading to the gym, or browsing a bookstore for some new cookbooks and healthy recipes, this bag can carry what you need.

    And with the Wild Foods logo, you can stylish make your statement about commitment to Real Food and your healthy choices—everywhere you go!

    Throw It In The Wash, It'll Be Grand

    You can just toss this tote right in the washing machine with the rest of your load. This makes keeping it clean and ready-to-use über simple!

    No hand scrubbing or tedious line drying. Just easy care, so you can get back to your life's adventures.