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Wild Coffee | Peru Light | Organic, Fair Trade, Single-Origin Light Roasted Coffee Beans

100% money back guarantee-wild-organic-fair-trade-products.jpg
100% money back guarantee-wild-organic-fair-trade-products.jpg

Wild Coffee | Peru Light | Organic, Fair Trade, Single-Origin Light Roasted Coffee Beans

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*Wild Coffee beans are fresh roasted daily in small batches. 

Our best-selling Wild Coffee Bean. The Peru Wild Coffee bean has a smooth, slightly nutty taste with an unassuming and consistent body that doesn't over impose on the palette.

It's the kind of bean that appeals to the light and dark coffee drinkers alike!

The Peru Bean takes on extra ingredients well, like pastured butter, MCT oil, vanilla, cocoa powder, etc. It's our preferred bean for our signature Wild Butter Brew recipe. It's also makes a killer protein shake when replacing water (try it with Wild Whey)!

Peru Light is a fresh roasted, Single-Origin, Fair Trade, Organic Arabica bean from the Catamarca region of Peru. It is fresh roasted and rated Premium Grade “1,” the highest rating available for coffee.

Your mornings will be something you look forward to when you have Wild Peru beans waiting for you!

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What Customers Say

I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but I like when you can taste the oils in the coffee, and when it is not dominated by the burnt taste that heavy roasting gives it. This light coffee is very full and aromatic in taste and smell, without a strong burnt taste. This is precisely what I was looking for in a light roast coffee. I like it both straight and au lait.
— Kirill
I drink coffee everyday and peru light is one of my favorites. It has a sweet herbal flavor with a light body. I really like how there’s NO bitter after taste; which often comes from stale or burnt coffee. I highly recommend this coffee.
— Tyler, real estate and finance professional
I am a huge coffee drinker and I can say this is probably the best coffee I have ever had! It’s so fresh and tastes amazing! You will not be sorry when you buy it!
— Ally, Endurance athlete and fitness professional

How to Brew

Drip: 2 tbsp medium grind coffee to 8 ounces of 195-205 degree water.

Pour Over: 28 grams of coarse ground coffee to 310 grams of 200 degree water.

Chemex: 6 tbsp of coarse ground coffee to 700 grams of water.  

Why It's Awesome:

  • Wild Coffee beans are the cleanest, most Wild bean we could find out of dozens of coffees we tested. These select Premium Grade "1" beans are single-origin, organic and sourced from small farms and coops.
  • Wild Coffee beans are fresh roasted in small batches 2-4 times a month. The fresh roasted smell is intoxicating.
  • It is a low-mold coffee. Wild Coffee beans are fresh roasted days before they get to you, which has shown to reduce mold contamination by as much as 55%. Also, Wild Coffee is grown, harvested, dried, processed and stored by Organic certified procedures, all of which contribute to a low-mold, high-quality product. And if all that doesn't convince you, try a cup and feel it for yourself!

Always Fair Trade

  • Fair Trade certified coffee ensures the origin of a product. Farmers that grow Fair Trade coffee receive a fair price, and their local community benefits as well.
  • Long-term contracts with international buyers ensure that Fair Trade farmers receive consistency in pricing and purchasing which allows them to reinvest money into the quality of their crop as well as produce health care and education to the farmer's family (who typically work the farms).
  • Fair Trade organizations educate and encourage farmers to farm in environment friendly practices, which not only improves the local environment, but also makes for a better product.

Always Organic

  • Non-organic coffees contain residues from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In some cases, these cancer-causing substances will enter the middle of the bean and can even remain trapped inside throughout the roasting process!
  • You can literally feel the difference. Try a cup of Wild Coffee and you'll see what we mean.
  • Organic coffee framing helps protect the local environment and the people that farm the crop. In areas with heavy coffee fertilizer applications, local water supply becomes contaminated and this contamination has been implicated in certain cancers, birth defects and other developmental problems of the local population. Support Organic and save lives! 

Coffee Facts

  • A single coffee plant produces approximately 2,000 coffee cherries per year. This equals about 4000 coffee beans a year, or about one pound of roasted coffee. It takes up to three years for a coffee plant to mature and become cherry-producing. As a minimum, it takes a single plant 4 years after it is planted to produce 1 pound of roasted coffee. Incredible!
  • It is estimated that coffee is directly linked to the welfare of some 20,000,000 persons around the world whose livelihood depends on this seemingly ubiquitous food product.
  • The average cup of coffee contains 80-150 milligrams of caffeine. Espresso has a higher concentration per oz of caffeine than regular coffee, but a standard serving is typically 1.5 to 2 ounces and so this makes the dose of caffeine about the same as a regular cup of black coffee.