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Wild Coffee Beans | Sidamo Medium Roast | Organic, Single-Origin Ethiopia, Fair Trade


Wild Coffee Beans | Sidamo Medium Roast | Organic, Single-Origin Ethiopia, Fair Trade

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The Wild Sidamo is our medium roast single-origin blend of Ethiopian beans grown at 5,000-7,200 feet in vertisol soil. It is fruity and floral with hints of blueberry.

Ethiopia is where the original coffee plant, Coffea arabica, originates. According to legend, a goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats "dancing" around after eating berries from a nearby bush. Kaldi tried the beans himself and was so excited by the effect that he brought the berries to monk at a nearby monastery. The monks brewed the beans in water so they could sip it during long prayers. The rest is history.

Sidamo Medium can be brewed with any typical brewing device, but we prefer the pour over method (and it's great iced). Sidamo Medium has a low-to-medium acidity, a creamy body and notes of fruit and berries.

  • Medium Roast Whole Bean Organic Coffee
  • Fair Trade, Natural Process
  • Single-Origin, High Altitude Beans Rated Premium Grade "1"
  • Elevation: 5,000 - 7,200 Feet, Soil: Vertisol
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Why It's Awesome:

  • Wild Coffee beans are the cleanest, most Wild bean we could find out of dozens of coffees we tested. These select Premium Grade "1" beans are single-origin, organic and sourced from small farms and coops.
  • Wild Coffee beans are fresh roasted in small batches 2-4 times a month. The fresh roasted smell is intoxicating.
  • Wild Coffee beans are fresh roasted days before they get to you, which has shown to reduce mold contamination by as much as 55%. Wild Coffee is grown, harvested, dried, processed and stored by Organic certified procedures, all of which contribute to a low-mold, high-quality product. And if all that doesn't convince you, try a cup and feel it for yourself!

Wild Coffee Is Always Fair Trade

  • Fair Trade certified coffee ensures the origin of a product. Farmers that grow Fair Trade coffee receive a fair price, and their local community benefits as well.
  • Long-term contracts with international buyers ensure that Fair Trade farmers receive consistency in pricing and purchasing which allows them to reinvest money into the quality of their crop as well as produce health care and education to the farmer's family (who typically work the farms).
  • Fair Trade organizations educate and encourage farmers to farm in environment friendly practices, which not only improves the local environment, but also makes for a better product.

How to Brew

Drip: 2 tbsp medium grind coffee to 8 ounces of 195-205 degree water.

Pour Over: 28 grams of coarse ground coffee to 310 grams of 200 degree water.

Chemex: 6 tbsp of coarse ground coffee to 700 grams of water.