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Wild Foods specializes in small-batch Real Food ingredients of the highest quality. Our products adhere to the Wild Foods standard of quality.



Wild Foods Co specializes in Real Food Paleo and Vegan Superfood Ingredients from around the world! Taste and feel the Wild difference today!

Wild Raw Nibs - Organic Cacao Nibs From Ecuador by Wild Foods

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Wild Raw Nibs - Organic Cacao Nibs From Ecuador by Wild Foods

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A Superfood Treat!

Wild Raw Nibs are made by carefully crushing raw cacao beans (our favorite Mayan superfood used to make chocolate).

  • Add Wild Raw Nibs to smoothies, yogurt, cottage cheese (trust us), or sprinkle as a healthy topping on your favorite indulgence (coconut milk ice cream perhaps?)

Why are Wild Sweet Nibs so Wildly Awesome?

  • Raw, single-origin, kosher, gluten-free, vegan and paleo friendly and non-GMO cocoa
  • Full of minerals, fiber, magnesium, antioxidants and iron!
  • Contains naturally occurring theobromine, a powerful mental enhancing and crass-less energy booster similar to caffeine!
  • A healthy and delicious snack and recipe topper!
  • One of the healthiest ways we know to add "crunch" to your favorite recipe!
  • Use as a healthy alternative to chocolate chips!
  • Ingredients: raw cocoa nibs - organically grown

Our NO-RISK Wild Guarantee lets you buy with confidence. With nothing to lose, and so much delicious Wild nutrition to get in your life, why wait?

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nibs in smoothies



Add a Crunch To Smoothies

Blend in some raw nibs into your smoothies and shakes to get a healthy "crunch."

raw cocoa nibs




Homemade Chocolate Recipes

Nothing but 100% raw cocoa nibs.




100% Organic and Fair Trade Single-Origin Cocoa from Peru

Support small family farmers that grow their cocoa with respect to nature and with respect to your health.

What Our Customers Say

I love CHOCOLATE! And why stop at chocolate when you can have healthy chocolate?

These Wild Raw Nibs are the perfect thing for all of my raw dessert recipes - and for throwing into some smoothies as well :) Heck, they are even good for snacking.

These are nicely packaged in an eco-friendly, resealable pouch, with a slim design for easy storage in the pantry. I’ve ordered other items from Wild Foods and I continue to be pleased with their high-quality products.

I also really appreciate the fact that these aren’t just organic but they are FAIR TRADE. And that’s important.

I am very pleased with these cacao nibs and would definitely recommend these and/or purchase these again.
— Kristi
Loved the product! Great customer service!
— Penny
High Quality nibs that are exactly as advertised! I would gladly order them again and recommend them to anyone who is looking for great quality cacao nibs! Thank you Wild Foods for keeping it “Real!”
— Nick W.
Absolutely addicted to sweet nibs and these raw nibs. I ate a whole mini pouch in one sitting. I like to add to my yogurt bowl or smoothie for a kick of flavor.
— Maggie
A little of these guys goes a long way. I tossed a small handful into my smoothie and it added that extra little taste of chocolate I like. I also sometimes just grab a tiny handful and eat it straight out of the bag. This weekend I will get creative and make homemade ice cream and add it to the mix.
— Jade N.
A nice crunch and a slow bitter bite that you expect from a good cacao nib. They are good with nuts and berries . Sometimes yogurt with moringa powder with powdered leaf herb stevia and real almond extract. I have tried a handful of different cacao nib products and found a couple favorites. These cacao nibs are good , I’m considering adding them to my rotation list . I would order again .
— Kathleen
Such a health snack. I have been eating these by them self. The first bite or two takes a bit of getting use to but the more you eat the more of the chocolate flavor comes out. Do not expect these to taste like eating a chocolate bar ground up. They taste like an extremely dark chocolate with out sugar. When I eat them they remind me of a dark chocolate stout beer.

I love that these cacao nibs are raw, so you can get the max nutritional benefit from eating them. Loaded with antioxidants, magnesium and multiple minerals. Being organic is very important as well, gives a piece of mind.
— Erica