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Tea Brewing Gear

Learn all the fun ways to brew tea!


Tea Brewing Gear

I can't stress enough the importance of having the proper gear for brewing loose leaf tea.

If you want to build a tea drinking habit (and you should want to), an easy-to-use and clean brewing vessel is a must-have investment. Don't skimp here. Get something you'll enjoy and use.

If you plan on preparing tea for just yourself, then I say go with one of the single use vessels below. These things are amazing... you brew right in the container then remove the strainer and leaves and it's ready to drink!

Super easy to clean as well.

Asian Style Curve Tea Cup with Infuser & Lid | 12oz
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If you like to entertain others with a pot of delicious home-brewed tea, I highly recommend the stump tea pot. 

Stump Teapot with Lid and Insufer | 18oz
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